HH - Page 46 [end]
29th Jan 2020, 8:00 AM in Heartful History
HH - Page 46 [end]
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Author Notes:
Flavia-Elric edit delete
Thank you for reading! The next story starts in February.

I find it funny how many people expected a tragedy to happen at the start of Gary's flashback! xD
Anyway, due to the spaced updates the plot ended up all over the place and I there's a few loose ends (what happened to the Regirock? Or to Jerkface? And how Gary's dad saved them???), I just couldn't find a way to fit in the story, sorry! I'll try fix it with the next comics.
See ya!
User comments:
Wam (Guest) edit delete reply
Don’t always need a reason for everything in a story, especially for a flashback from a character’s perspective. Very much enjoyed the chapter and wouldn’t change a thing :)
comercole edit delete reply
we are done with the story!!
Kawaii Emolga edit delete reply
This was a great story!
Can't wait to see Flavia interactions with Kentaro XD
The next story will be about the team with Kirlia and Fletchling? (Sorry, I don't remember theirs names)
Flavia-Elric edit delete reply
Actually it'll be a lil story with Yume and Kuroichi!
Only after that there'll be a story with the Fletchling.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Yay! I wanna see them two interac too :3
I was just curious about the Fletchling team,cause we don't see them a lot :P