5th Dec 2019, 3:12 PM
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This is a serie of pokemon comics in the world of Parai, a madeup place for the PMDU rp group (
Most of the story happens in the city of Andalusst.
"This progressive city is built around a great stone temple that seems to repel the persistant fog that cloaks this world. Travelers from other parts of the world tend to end up here after getting lost in the fog, and returning home can often prove difficult. Because of this, it thrives on trade and commerce though suffers from overpopulation. Many refer to Andalusst as "Dreamer's Eye" because of a strange beacon that shines above the city at night, but disappears when approached." (- ChillySunDance)

Follow three pokemon teams, members of the Guilds that exist in this world and some of their adventures. Enjoy!